We Innovate Pilsen

We use modern technology to make life easier, to develop talent, and to inspire entrepreneurship.

We are working together to create a smart city

We make life easier

  • for officials
  • for visitors
  • for organisations
  • for schools
  • for citizens

We develop talent by

  • Introducing robotics education
  • Technical training for educators
  • Using state-of-the-art equipment in schools
  • Our children at the Centre of Robotics
  • Secondary and university students

We inspire entrepreneurship through

  • Festival of modern technologies
  • A base for a community of young people
  • Our companies' simulation game
  • The IT Challenges project
  • The possibility to use the open loT network

The latest projects

Electronic Citizen’s Portal

The Electronic Citizen’s Portal makes solution of so-called life situations of entrepreneurs and almost two hundred in Pilsen citizens easier. The home page of the portal provides quick access...

PlzniTo App

We have launched the PlzniTo app, which allows to report a defect in a public space in a matter of moments. The service has been operating in Pilsen since 2015 and has become very popular among...

Centre of Robotics

The Centre of Robotics is a modern leisure centre focused on ICT and digital technology education. It offers after-school clubs and activities for children, educational workshops for teachers,...


  • The future of technology business
  • Startup community
  • Open in February 2023

Pilsen is a rich industrial city that benefits from the skills of its people and companies. To ensure this remains the case in the future, we are trying to get more children into technical fields, educate teachers, equip schools, and introduce robotics education. We involve high school and university students in projects in which they address real needs of the city, give them chance to bring their designs to the level of functional solutions, get the city as their first customer and a strong reference. This will help them to start their business and make Pilsen a great place for their children to live and grow.

Luděk Šantora, CEO of SITMP