IT Services

For more than 5 years, we have been digitising one municipal agenda after another so that people don’t have to run to the offices unnecessarily. We are working on this in accordance with the government’s Digital Czech Republic programme, central legislation and our possibilities. The Office Without Waiting app, digital cameras at counters, digital document management, modern technology in offices and user support – all of this helps citizens to manage their lives faster and in a more convenient manner. But we’re definitely not at the finish line, there’s a lot that still needs to be done.

Saving the city, schools and people money (and nerves)

We provide IT services to all the city’s departments and organisations. We know all the requirements, we know all the processes, we handle all the data. As a result, we not only have a more efficient administration, but also a great basis for continuous system development and innovation in the field of digital public administration. In addition, all municipal primary and kindergarten schools are equipped with centrally purchased and maintained IT and software licences. This not only saves resources, but also prevents the stress of selecting, purchasing and managing systems at their own expense. Teachers then have more time to use the technology for what they do best: inspiring and educating future generations.

Wi-Fi for all

We have built our own network in Pilsen and we make it available to people. Today, people can connect to free Wi-Fi in all offices and various public places. We provide the city network to schools, hospitals, fire brigades and others.

It’s possible without paper

You can’t do without paper, they used to say. But that’s a big mistake. Paper is just a data carrier, so it doesn’t matter whether it’s printed on paper or not. What matters is the data. And we focus not only on the data, but also on its secure storage.

We open data

We understand the importance of open data, which is why we are constantly publishing new datasets and keeping them up to date. We publish data on the Data Portal and Open Data of the City of Pilsen.

We bring inspiration

We are involved in international projects from the prestigious HORIZON 2020 programme, HORIZON EUROPE.  The first PoliVisu project brought the city an updated traffic model and Traffic Modeller application. The second project, DUET, provided an accurate 3D model and a digital twin of the city. The third project we were working on was called S4AllCities and addressed the improvement of safety in European cities. We have also been involved in the Climaborough, URBREATH and the recently launched SPARROW projects.  And let us boast of a bit – we won a prestigious award in the World Smart City Awards with the DUET project in 2021.


We are proud that SITMP represents the Czech Republic in the European Cluster for Digital Twins.

What City VERSE EDIC is and what it will be about

Local Digital Twins (LDTs) are virtual representations of the physical assets, processes and systems of a city or locality.

This virtual representation is also linked to all the data associated with it and the surrounding environment. It is also connected to other assets to use artificial intelligence algorithms, data analytics and machine learning to make the city more efficient.

CitiVERSE is a set of interconnected and distributed hybrid and virtual worlds that represent and are synchronised with their physical counterparts. It provides new virtual goods/services/opportunities (administrative, economic, social, political and cultural) to city and community stakeholders such as citizens, represented as digital avatars. “CitiVERSE“ will allow citizens and other stakeholders to “move and interact” in a physical/virtual environment for a variety of purposes ranging from urban planning to educational services.

Digital infrastructure refers to the basic technological elements necessary for the smooth functioning of the digital sphere. This infrastructure includes the complex networks, storage systems and computing platforms that together ensure the timely and efficient delivery of digital services to end-users. Its presence is essential for the maintenance, growth and innovation of the modern digital ecosystem.